Melting Sun

Handmade and Finely Curated for the Modern Minimalist.

Our Story


Melting Sun Apparel strives to create a cohesive line of products for the modern bohemian; offering a simplistic and elegant, yet primal design-element to each unique piece. It is of the utmost importance that every piece is 100% handmade and promotes an overall feeling of confidence, beauty, and self-empowerment for each free-spirited woman who may wear our jewelry or carry our handbags. 

Melting Sun Apparel was created by Lauren Visconti-Beckett on January 1st, 2012 in her tiny Atlanta, Georgia home. A recent art graduate, Lauren was looking for an inspired outlet, which her jewelry and leather-working hobby soon began to fill. Turning into an obsession, the coffee table accumulated a mountain of leather scraps and jump-rings: orders began to arrive. As each unique piece was commissioned and sold, Lauren soon realized she had to name the business she had so happily stumbled upon. 

Melting Sun Apparel is a strong supporter of using eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and locally sourced materials. By borrowing a line from Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral,” Melting Sun Apparel chooses to be known as a friend of the earth.

Melting Sun Apparel continues to grow by selling wares in local and regional art markets and pop-ups. Various retail shops and boutiques also carry Melting Sun products, both nationally and internationally.